Welcome to Firm Foundation Christian Fellowship!
We are now having services at our church location: 
12001 Big Bend Road, Riverview, FL. 33579
For schedule of services: Click here:    https://firmfoundationcf.org/ffcf-schedule-of-online-services/
Masks are not mandatory, but if you feel safe wearing a mask. Please do so!
Let’s us continue to stay healthy and do our part to keep our family and church healthy as well! Some things we need to follow to keep our families and church family healthy:
1. If you are sick, please call for prayer!
2. Continue to practice safe hygiene and washing of hands.
3. If you feel safe wearing a mask, please do so!
4. Eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids and stay healthy spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and personally!
5. We reserve the right to implement changes as required to keep the church healthy and safe!
If you need prayer, call the church for prayer, and remember to stand on God’s Word to receive your healing by faith. (James 5:13-16) 
Let us stay in faith, pray for one another, and pray that the power of Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ give us great grace in all that we do!