Sheryl L. Quinn

Prophetess Sheryl L. Quinn

is the 1st Lady of Firm Foundation Christian Fellowship. Her life is a living testimony of God’s healing grace in which she has overcome by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ! By the grace of God, she is walking in purpose and fulfilling the call of God on her life assisting in the work of the ministry! Prophetess Quinn’s prophetic ministry has touched the lives of many of God’s people over the years with encouragement, exhortation and comfort, strengthening the people of God with love. She has an excellent spirit and has assisted and labored with Pastor Quinn in the preaching and teaching of the Gospel from the foundational days of the ministry.

Over the years, Prophetess Quinn has served in many aspects of ministry to include 1st Lady’s personal assistant, Church Administrator, Board Member, Treasurer, leading intercessory prayer teams, leading women’s Ministry, mentoring young women, hospitality, youth ministry and children’s ministry. She is an anointed virtuous woman in Christ who is dedicated to serving the LORD, being a spiritual mother to many sons and daughters, members of the ministry, and assisting in the work of the ministry at Firm Foundation!